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"Products made with love and gratitude for the joy and
happiness that horses have brought to me." Sue Balla, President


New Testimonial

Equine - Grace: March 2019 - Here is a before and after of Grace's mouth and using Rio's Oil.  We don’t really know what caused the swelling but the oil fixed it. It started going away after two days of feeding it to her. Today, the dentist was here so I was able to rub her entire gum area with oil also. I also gave the dentist your info. She's very interested in your products. 
     The pictures are two weeks apart but as I said, swelling started going down after only two days. I also fed her balm covered cookies several times. Look closely.  The swelling was all over her gums and around bottom teeth too.

- Deb J

"The Birth of the Balm"

Rio’s Relief Balm and Oil was created to help my horse Rio with his arthritis.  After seeing what it did for him we started using it on all the horses at Casey’s Safe Haven Holistic Horse Rescue. We saw miracles when the vets said nothing else could be done or the option was chemical drugs that have horrible side effects.  After seeing what it did for the horses, all the volunteers wanted to buy it and start using it for their health issues. This was the “Birth of the Balm” for all of us.  Rio’s Relief Balm and Oil has truly been a miracle worker for many of us – horses, dogs, cats and humans.

New Testimonial

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
My leg healed very quickly after ACL surgery and within a few weeks I was able to use my knee faster than my doctor anticipated! The ointment was incredibly healing and made my scaring fade quickly! ~ John W

A recent testimonial: I want to thank BT Naturals for this wonderful product . I had back surgery and still in the recovery stage the pain sometimes is unbearable. Moments after the balm was applied the discomfort and pain was gone I was carrying my cane instead of using it. I recommend this product highly try it and you will be a believer too! ~ Jerry Lease

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