Here is What Some of Our Customers have to Say About Our Products:

I want to thank Botanic Therapy for this wonderful product . I had back surgery and still in the recovery stage the pain sometimes is unbearable . Area moments after the balm was applied the discomfort and pain was gone I was carrying my cane instead of using it. I recommend this product highly try it and you will be a believer too!  ~ Jerry Lease 

Thank you so much for the Rio Relief Balm. I sampled a spot of it for a couple patients and handed out your business cards and brochures. In the future I'll just refer patients to Wholesome Health Rx. I tried it on my knees today after a long workout of spinning class, followed by yoga class, followed by hiking with my boys for 5 miles. I sure needed it, and found it so pleasant smelling, and soothing (unlike BenGay or China Gel, Icy Hot, etc.) but the pain relieves within minutes! I don't know whether it's the wonderful aroma or the topical benefit, maybe it's both, but it works like magic. I know I can use it on my kids without problems because it's so pleasant feeling. The other day I used it for my neck and the muscle pain went away within minutes also.I wish you all the success and I forwarded your information to the providers at Northwestern - I hope they order some for their apothecary, because every patient (and furry friend) with pain should have it in the cabinet. Most pain creams work by causing some burning pain to numb the underlying pain, such as Ben Gay, Capsaicin or Icy Hot, but this seems to work more by soothing the area and giving a pleasant aroma. For any vegan clients who don't like to use beeswax, I will suggest to use the Rio's Relief oil and apply it directly to the area. Otherwise I will pass out the brochures and cards to learn more about all your products to patients. ~ Ashwani Garg MD, Hoffman Estates, IL

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
My leg healed very quickly after ACL surgery and within a few weeks I was able to use my knee faster than my doctor anticipated! The ointment was incredibly healing and made my scaring fade quickly! ~ John W

I am writing a testimonial about the Rios Relief Oil that I have been adding to a skin lotion of my own and putting it on my face. Very quickly within a week noticeable changes were seen by my sister who commented on my face looking better, clearer, younger.  I look forward to the results I will get after using the product for 3 months as recommended. ~ Dr. Althea Myrie

 I have struggled with acne for 6+ years and have tried over the counter skin products as well as prescribed topical and oral medications and have had little to no success in clearing my skin.  I came across BT Naturals Rio’s Relief Balm & Oil while volunteering at Casey’s Safe Haven holistic horse rescue and applied it every night after washing my face.  My skin is soft, my acne (deep under the skin pimples as well as smaller topical ones) has cleared and previous scars have disappeared!  I am so thrilled with the BT Naturals products and am finally confident in my own skin! ~ Kylie

My name is Monique. In 2004 I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS. At the time of my diagnosis I was unable to feel my feet. I have ingrown toe nails that were not painful when I had pedicure because I had no feeling in my feet. 
I have been using the Rio's Relief Balm since July 2013. In the morning and right before bed I rub the balm on the bottom of my feet and between my toes. In October 2013 the feeling came back to my feet for the first time in nine years. During a pedicure, as the technicians started working on my ingrown nails, suddenly I felt a great deal of pain-the feeling came back all at once. Since that time the feeling has returned to all parts of my feet.
I have also noticed that my hands are being affected positively. Since using the  Balm my hand movements are more coordinated. As an example I was able to pick up a penny off the floor and when I knocked a fork off the table-I caught it before it hit the floor!
Since using the balm-nothing else in my treatment has changed and I attribute these changes to the use of Rio's Relief Balm. My neurologist is even interested in the Balm and its ingredients because of the effects it has had on me.
Thank you for such a great natural product! ~ Monique Groener

Scars and Acne - I just wanted to say 'thank you' for creating such a wonderful product. My teenage daughter has been struggling with acne for several years now. We had been to the dermatologist many times, and each time we were being pushed to try stronger and stronger medications. Most of these medications would only partially clear her skin, but had other systemic side effects that scared us. Over time, using milder medications, her acne started to heal, but she had scars on her beautiful face. The only recommendation from the doctors was laser therapy, which essentially burns off the skin. It's very expensive and very risky. There had to be something else out there to help her. It was right about then, that I found BT Naturals "Rio's Relief Oil".
This stuff is fantastic. It's really the first product that my daughter has used that does not burn her skin. She just mixes a few drops of it into her face lotion at night. I have notices a glow to her skin again that she has not had in a long time. Her scars are starting to clear up. Most of all, she has noticed a big improvement in her skin overall, and she gets compliments all the time. I can't say enough about this oil. It's inexpensive, mild, all natural and part of the proceeds go to a great cause. It's a win-win for us!
Thanks for making such a great product! ~ Lynn S.

I use the Rio's Relief Balm for sore muscles and aching knees, when I overdo it at the gym or in the garden. I rub the balm on the sore area right before bed-when I wake up in the morning I never give the pain a second thought. I am very allergic to mosquito bites so I use it for the itching and swelling and it is gone right away. I use it for cuts and scrapes on myself and my dog. ~ Liz S.

Face and Cheek Redness - A couple months ago, I decided to start adding a drop of Rio's Oil to my night time face cream to treat a moderate redness I was noticing on my face and cheeks. After less than a month of using, I've not only noticed a significant reduction in the redness, but also a much clearer and even skin tone! My pores are also noticeably smaller and my once occasional adult acne non existent. I had no idea I'd experience all these wonderful side effects and wanted to make sure to share the news! I know Rio's Oil holds even deeper potential, but this is such a great surface discovery that could help so many people. Just one more reason to love this product! ~ Darbie M.

I have used the healing oil in a base cream and applied it to the chicken pox type scars/discoloration on my back and shoulders. I have applied the oil daily for the past six weeks and I have seen a marked difference in that time. The scars have faded significantly and I will continue to use the oil for the three month period suggested for complete eradication of the scars. I am very pleased with the results and very grateful to Sue for this wonderful healing oil. ~ Launa

Rio's Relief Balm has been very helpful in relieving osteoarthritis pain in my fingers. Swelling and pain have made movement difficult and restrictive. After using the Balm, this discomfort has been controlled.The fragrance is very natural and clean and dissipates very quickly. The creaminess allows one to spread a very small amount over a large area. It's absorbed quickly, so there is never a smear on clothing or bedding. 
As a potter, painful fingers are a means of failure. Relieving the pain and swelling has been most important in keeping my life active and fulfilling. ~ Gerry S.

Aches, pains, and strained muscles seem to be a daily occurrence. With the recent use of Rio's Relief Balm I am finally finding relief. I rub it on before bed and wake up feeling ready to meet the days physical challenges. ~ Denise

I tried Rio's Relief Balm after seeing what it did for rescue animals I work with. Painful tendonitis in my foot made walking difficult after sitting still for long periods of time or when I got up in the morning. Applying the balm to the bottoms of my feet, and to the affected area at night relieved the pain for more than a day. I've recommended it to many friends and am pleased that they have been happy with the results as well. I love what it does for me. ~ Kris A.

I am a person who loves to crochet and do all types of needle work crafts. I also type everyday in work. The pain in my hands can be excruciating at times. No type of cream has ever helped. In all honesty, the most pain relief I have ever experienced was after using the Rio's Relief Balm. I rub it on my hands, once in the morning and once at bedtime, everyday. After just three short weeks, I can do all the crafts I want/need to do, free of any pain. ~ Arlene I.

I absolutely LOVE this balm. I bought it in late October. I used to always reach for the Aleve bottle, now I just reach for the jar of balm to put on my sore muscles. I have only taken Aleve ONCE since I bought this (it is now January). Get just a little bit and rub it into your sore muscles well; sore muscles are GONE! A little bit goes a long way. And it smells so good too.  ~ Barb J.
I woke up one morning with a stabbing pain in one side of my neck that radiated down into my shoulder blade. My wife told me to try her Rio’s Relief balm. A few hours went by and she asked me how my neck was feeling? I had to stop and think, what pain? The pain was completely gone! I was so surprised, I had to ask her “what’s in that?” I’ve used it ever since on anything from shoulder pain, neck and arm pain – even as a moisturizer on very chapped hands from the cold, dry winter months. It works great! ~ Ben  M.

I really like the Rio's Relief Balm. I get really bad migraines on a daily basis and it helps to soothe the pain. It relaxes the muscles and makes it easier to rest and get rid of the migraines. I think the smell of the herbs also helps with relaxing. I would recommend this product to anyone who gets chronic migraines or muscle pains like I do and even those who have simply just "pulled a muscle". It definitely helps! ~ Jessica S

About 25 years ago I fell on icy stairs to my house. On my shin the tissue was actually contused and pushed upward so there was basically not tissue in about a three by three inch area. For all these years it has been extremely sensitive and a painful redness in that area. I started using the balm and now the redness is almost gone and the sensitivity slowly leaving.  ~ Alice S.

Hi, My neighbor was kind enough to share the Rio's Relief Balm with me. While pregnant, I began having rheumatoid arthritis in my toes on both feet. After having the baby, the arthritis went up to my knee and hip. I went to my energy healer and have been using the balm and I am starting to feel great! Now that my daughter is 7 weeks, it is great to be able to get around more easily. - Denise G.

My now 7 year old son was diagnosed with eczema as an infant. It was just something we managed with prescription topical creams, but it never truly went away. Most recently, it had become very uncomfortable on his inner thighs. AFTER THREE DAYS OF USING RIO'S RELIEF BALM, MY SON'S CHRONIC ECZEMA HAS RESOLVED! We rub on problem areas and the bottom of his feet every night to keep the eczema at bay. I am still amazed and so grateful to have found this product. I can't say enough positive things about it! I also feel good that the balm is 100% natural and part of the proceeds go to help the rescue animals at Casey's Safe Haven. A win-win, thank you BT Naturals! 
​~ Darbie M.

I have been seeing a chiropractor for over a year now for disk problems in my lower back and in my neck too. My right leg would go numb along with tingling in my left hand. I have been using Rio's Relief Balm of about 6 weeks now and I am very impressed with the results I have seen so far. My lower back pains are gone and the tingling in my left hand is almost gone. I rub it in AM and PM on my lower back, neck and than I also rub it on my heels. Thanks for your product!  ~ Frank M.

My first exposure was to the balm during a lengthy car ride in Aug. 2013. I was experiencing much difficulty getting out of the car after sitting for a long period due to pain in my knee and hip. No previous injuries just pain from getting older and carrying more weight than I should. I applied a very small amount of the balm to both areas and about a half hour after applying it we stopped and the reduction in pain in getting out of the car was mind boggling. It was virtually gone and to this day (Feb. 2014) it remains mostly gone and when it comes back I apply a little balm and away goes the pain.  
 In Dec. 2013 I purchased some oil. I was experiencing significant pain in both wrists. I assumed it was carpal tunnel as I sit in front of a computer all day. The pain was affecting my daily life. Opening jars was virtually impossible. It hurt to pick up and hold a coffee cup. I started applying the oil to my wrists and wearing gloves with the finger tips cut off so I could work on the computer which was not without pain. After approximately 2-3 weeks the pain went from a 10+ to a 1 and now (Feb. 2014) it remains gone.  ~Tammy B.