Equine - Grace: March 2019 - Here is a before and after of Grace's mouth and using Rio's Oil.  We don’t really know what caused the swelling but the oil fixed it. It started going away after two days of feeding it to her. Today, the dentist was here so I was able to rub her entire gum area with oil also. I also gave the dentist your info. She's very interested in your products.

The pictures are two weeks apart but as I said, swelling started going down after only two days. I also fed her balm covered cookies several times. Look closely.  The swelling was all over her gums and around bottom teeth too.
     The pictures are two weeks apart but as I said, the swelling started going down after only two days. I also fed her balm covered cookies several times. The swelling was all over her gums and around bottom teeth too.

~ Deb J

Testimonial for Kitties

"Sweet Princess Willow on her thrown (Biomat) turning 23 this year. She has been getting one drop of the Rio's Relief Oil in her feed morning and night for 2 1/2 years now. Between the good food (grain free) the Biomat and the Rio's Relief Oil - I believe that's why she is still going strong." ~ Sue B

My dog, Osito had very severe itching all over his body, with no rashes, hot spots or fleas visible. His constant scratching was driving me crazy, not to mention how uncomfortable he must have been. I had heard so much about the many uses of Rio's Relief Oil, I decided to give it a try.  I started adding a few drops to his food, twice a day, and within a few days the itching was reduced, and now, three weeks later, is almost completely gone. It truly IS a relief!
At Sue Balla's suggestion, I have also been putting a few drops of the oil on the bottoms of my feet at night, and the top of my left foot which aches a lot. The aching goes away almost immediately. I walk a lot, and I can certainly tell the difference in the reduced soreness in my feet.  I am sure I will be finding many more uses for this exceptional herbal product. I love it!
~ Grace Holaday

When we rescued Bella four years ago she was very sick. She had Lyme disease.The vet told us she would need surgery for hip dysplasia. Along with that she had injured her leg and had chronic ear infections. Surgery was not a option. It was possible Surgery would not work and  her life would be filled with more pain. So I looked for a alternative. That's when i found herbal supplements. Trying to fight with your Dog every single day to give them pills is very frustrating. There was such a positive  dramatic change in her health though it was worth it. Her ear infections all the sudden went away. Her leg healed. There was no limping. X rays reviled her hip dysplasia was gone! We could not believe it. Were they wrong?  As time went on I had my own injury and life got crazy. Giving medication daily got hard. I noticed Bella was limping more and not as active and then her ear infections came back. The vet asked me what changed. Only one thing had. She was not getting the herbal supplements. At the same time I found Rio's Relief Balm and Oil. I immediately started Bella on it. A few drops in her food. Then some on her back leg that she injured. It was simple!  Right away she started moving better, Energy level came back. Ears cleared up. Its been six months. No ear infections, the vet has even said she has lost some weight which is what he has been wanting! Her coat is even looking better! He even asked if i have been brushing her teeth because he noticed that the tarter is even going away. I had my doubts before if Bella would be able to finish her training for Search and Rescue work. The vet has cleared her for that, agility and no restrictions at all. I could not be more pleased! Now I'm trying to keep up with her!  I am going to start giving it to my cat next! ~ Melissa S

I wanted to say how pleased I was with the Rios Balm and oil. My beloved black Labrador was only four years old when he developed Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture in both legs at the same time. We have no idea how this even happened.  The immediate remedy was surgery. After the surgery we did water therapy for about a year which did seem to ease the discomfort but it was also a very expensive inconvenience.  We also tried several medications, but never saw any real improvement and were nonetheless disappointed. We were told by our vet that "Gus" would be prone to arthritis and he would always have the limp, of course made worse when it was cold, and we know it gets cold, we'll actually freeezing in Chicago.  In speaking with Sue she suggested I try the balm and oil, and I immediately thought it couldn't hurt. I started putting two drops on his cookies twice a day. The balm was a little more difficult because his legs hurt, but after a few minutes of getting a massage he realized that he enjoyed it and it felt soothing. He realized not only was he getting extra mommy and me time but also that it felt good. I noticed a difference within a couple of days. He was able to go on longer walks and get on his favorite chair with less difficulty. He wasn't a "couch potato" anymore.  It was wonderful to see him be able to play with his two brothers again. The chasing and wrestling was wonderful to see. Although they were much younger he was able to keep up!
     I would definitely recommend this product to people whose animals suffer from any type of discomfort.  It works and I liked that it was all natural!! More than anything I knew my baby was much more comfortable, it always pained me to physically see he was hurting at all. We love our animals, they are our family, they give us more than we could ever give them and make us better people. ~ Mary Grace Godee

Sunburn ~ I had a horse with terrible sunburn and tried many products (calm coat, MTG, aloe).  I finally found out about BT Naturals and put the Rio’s Relief Oil on his burn and it soothed and moisturized my horse’s skin allowing the hair and new skin to grow back in such a quick time!  It drastically improved just over night and did what the other products took a week+ to do!  I wish I had found BT Naturals products sooner! ~Kylie

Casey’s Safe Haven
BT Naturals donates all the Rio’s Relief Balm and Oil to all the rescued equine at Casey’s Safe Haven.  Within two weeks of starting to put the oil in their food in January 2013, we have not had a case of colic in the barn. It is an amazing product to help boost their immune system, help their digestion system and helps tremendously with arthritis. It has saved us a ton of money in vet bills and supplements.

I use Rio's Relief Remedy on my dogs who are both getting towards the older side. Toby, the big dog, gets it on his hips to help with the stiffness there. Scout, the little dog, gets it rubbed on the top and bottom of his back feet and legs to help with stiffness in his back legs. They love it; twice a day, morning and evening, they come to me to get their balm, and I see them getting around better than before I used it on them.  ~ Barb J.

I have a Dog Rescue and I have used the Balm in a variety of ways.
1. To relieve a dog of hundreds of tick bites.
2. To relieve a Lab's back when he could no longer walk well.
3. To relieve a dog when her sister had to be put down.
4. To relieve a dog when he was afraid of thunder.
I have 3 Pugs and their noses get all nasty and dry just from being pushed in. I have used the Balm on them and their noses are soft and pliable again. 

I think your product is good in just about any scenario. My husband and I use it also.  Thank you for your product!! ~ Lynn C.

I couldn’t be happier with the results I have experienced from Rios Relief Oil and Balm. When my dog Harley was a puppy, he loved to chase tennis balls. I lived in the city and we had a lot of concrete parks. Throughout the years, my little guy had broken all his canine teeth while either playing at the dog park or going for the tennis ball on concrete. The vet had advised a few years later that we pull the four canine’s out because they were not healing back over and starting to cause him pain. This is when I met Sue. Sue told me all about Rios Relief Oil and what the possibilities were. I said, hey why not, the last thing I wanted to do was to put Harley through that pain of having his four canine’s removed.  With three to four drops of oil in each meal, his teeth cleared up in 4 weeks! His energy level is through the “ruff!”  I never realized how much pain he was is until he was pain free. Thank you BT naturals, not only did you save Harleys teeth, the other benefits that we don’t even know are happening, are prolonging his life.
~ Jared Fara – February 2015

I have had Jake for 18 years. He is a 24 year old grey quarter horse. In 2001, Jake was diagnosed with Melanoma when tumors started showing up all over his body which is not uncommon in grey horses. The vet said then that Jake had about a year to live before they would become so uncomfortable that he may need to be put down.  
Well Jake defied the odds as he is still here. About four months ago Jake started slowing down dramatically as the tumors were growing so large. The tumor under his armpit was the size of half a cantaloupe. We started putting the Rio’s Relief Balm on his coronet bands daily to help keep him comfortable which it definitely did. About two months ago he started slowing down again. We decided to give him a half dose of Banamine daily to keep him comfortable – which is not good for long term - until it was time for Jake to cross over.  
The owner of the barn had been giving her horse the Rio’s Relief Oil in his food daily to help with the arthritis which had helped tremendously so I decided to try giving it to Jake also. I figured it was all natural – no chemicals - and certainly wouldn’t hurt him. Two weeks after giving Jake 20 drops of the oil in his food morning and night we took him off the Banamine (about a month ago) and he continued to be comfortable. He has continued to feel better and better. Instead of barely being able to walk around the pasture he is now acting like a 10 year old again. He is happy, healthy and back to running and playing in the field.  
To my amazement and that of the barn owner, other boarders and the vet – the tumors are shrinking – yes shrinking!!! The vet has even recommended it to her other client that has a grey horse with tumors as nothing else has helped. For Jake – the Rio’s Relief Oil is a miracle worker!!! I hope to have my sweet Jake for many years to come!! ~ -Paula

  • Jake UPDATE - The tumors starting getting bigger again and are now thought to be encapsulated. They are more like marbles now. The vet thinks the Rio’s Oil boosted his immune system enough that his body said this does not belong and his body is encapsulating the Melanoma tumor tissue. He is running around happy as can be still.  Amazing!!!

Ihave had Velvet for 14 years. She is a 26 year old beautiful black pony. Velvet had foundered slightly many years ago. Over the years she has been sore and lame at times. In November of 2012, Velvet was very lame – mostly laying down or “parked out” due to pain. I had the vet out and he xrayed her and determined she has a 16% rotation of the coffin bone in her front hooves. He said there wasn’t much else we could do but try to keep her comfortable on bute. Long term on bute has negative side effects so I looked for another option. The next day we started putting the Rio’s Relief Balm on her coronet bands (right above the hooves) daily. Within two weeks she was no longer laying down due to soreness.  
By late January 2013 Velvet was completely sound!! She was getting depressed as she was in a small dirt paddock by herself to heal. Foundered ponies are never supposed to have grass. I decided that we should start putting her out in the grass pastures with her buddies again. If she had to be miserable living by herself – or take a chance on having her out on grass (January grass is pretty dead) and happy – I chose happy for her. Well we continued to keep her on the grass even when spring came along as she was still completely sound and much to our surprise – she has stayed sound.  
In April 2013 the vet came out to float her teeth and re-check her feet. The vet took xrays again and she still has 16% rotation. He was stunned as she was completely sound and all her fat pads from metabolic syndrome were gone. He said we had gotten all the inflammation out of her body. We kept her on grass all summer with all her friends. She did slow down some days and was cut back to half days on grass for part of the summer.  
She is still to this day out with her friends and completely sound and HAPPY. This winter we switched to giving her the Rio’s Relief Oil in her feed as trying to put balm on her coronet bands in the freezing cold was impossible. Velvet has been getting five drops in her food morning and night. Velvet is a miracle pony and had defied every odd there is!!! Thank you Rio’s Relief Balm and Oil!!  ~  Paula

Using Rio's Relief Balm and Oil on my 27 year old advanced level 3-day event partner whom I bred and raised. Tori has cushings and ringbone. Sue prepared a special custom bottle of Rio's Relief Oil for Tori. After a month there is significant change in his soundness and energy. His ringbone appears to be going away-the area is much smoother. He is more playful and basically I have my old friend back. He's enjoying his retirement. This amazing blend of organic herbs and oils 'specifically blended' is nothing short of a miracle. I am so grateful for my wonderful friend and this amazing product. Thank you! Seeing what this does for a 27 year old horse-I wish I would have had it when I was competing. I can just imagine what it would do for an athlete!!  -
~ Vicky Rauwolf USEF Eventing Judge and TD

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